Recent Calls:

27 May 2011

Working Fire Assignment

At 0515 on Friday, May 27, 2011 Engine Co. 27 was alerted for a working fire assignment, box 13-12 on Fairview Road. Capt. 13 arrived to find a house fully involved and crews initiated a defensive only attack. ET-27 dropped a load of water then established a fill site where crews filled tankers until 0845.

Co. 27 also handled many storm related calls in the 27 and HFD district for wires and trees down.

25 May 2011

Another First Due House Fire

At 2246 on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Co. 27 was pre-alerted for box 27-5, another first due house fire in the 13500 block of Marsh Pike. Chief 27 arrived to find HFD Capt. 33 with a garden hose knocking down the fire from a light fixture in the garage where a bird had decided to build its nest. Chief 27 held Quint 27 to secure the power and check for extension.  All units were clear within 20 minutes.

24 May 2011

First Due House Fire

At 0134 on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Co. 27 was pre-alerted for box 27-1, a first due house fire in the 11800 block of Patrick Road. While Co. 27 units were enroute the Washington County ECC advised that they believed this to be a working house fire, and that they were going to start a working fire assignment. HFD E-3 arrived on-scene with fire showing on side "A".  Chief 27 arrived on-scene and established command.  Quint 27 opened the roof while RE27-2 brought a second water supply.  Crews were able to quickly knock down the fire and command held the units for overhaul operations after the FM's investigation was completed.

23 May 2011

Airport Mass Casualty Drill

Every three years the FAA requires our area airport to conduct a large scale mass casualty drill.  The scenario this year was that a fuel tanker hit a plane on the ramp as passengers were boarding.  Chief 27 was in charge of staging until command requested all units to the ramp to assist with moving pts. to treatment areas. FF Adams was in charge of the Yellow Area where most of the 27 crew worked. Good job by all who took part, and the crew that stood-by at the station and ran a transfer to HFD Truck 1.

22 May 2011

House Fire in PA

At 0630 on Sunday, May 22, 2011 Engine Co. and Quint 27 were alerted mutual aid to Franklin County, PA in the 1400 block of Hykes Road box 3-13 for smoke coming from a residence. Chief 3 arrived on-scene and reported smoke showing from the residence, crews found a single room and contents fire and quickly knocked down the fire.  Chief 3 held Co. 3, Co. 13, and Quint 27 for overhaul operations.  ET-27 transferred to Station 3 until all units cleared the scene.

21 May 2011

Lawn mower Fire

At 1926 on Saturday, May 21, 2011 Engine Co. 27 was alerted along with HFD Eng. 3 for a lawn mower fire on Atlantic Drive.  E-3 arrived to find an off duty firefighter on scene knocking the fire down with a fire extinguisher.  The owner had no injuries and the units went into service.

21 May 2011

Chicken BBQ

Co. 27 members got an early start on the day preparing for our chicken BBQ. The chicken was on the pit by just after 0700 and we were sold out by 1230!! Good job done by all and thank you to everyone who supported us!!

20 May 2011

Shed Fire in PA

At 0546 on Friday, May 20, 2011 Engine Co. 27 was alerted to assist Franklin County, PA Co. 3 with a possible shed fire.  Co. 3 reported a fully involved shed and held Co. 3 units and ET-27 for the remainder of the call.

17 May 2011

Touchdown in Maugensville

At 2054 on Tuesday, May 17, 2011, just after the Washington County ECC advised that a tornado touched down in the 13 district, Chief 13 started calling his units to assist with storm damage and requested that Co. 27 be transfered to 13's station. Before the ECC could do that, Co. 27 was dispatched to assist with the storm damage.  RE27-2 and Capt. 27 assisted with checking structures and occupants, while Brush 27 began removing trees from the roadways and residences.  The following day Quint 27 was requested to assist the Washington County building inspector and Natl Weather Service.

17 May 2011

PIC in the Meadow

At 1640 on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Engine Co. 27, Squad 13, and CRS were alerted for a PIC on Longmeadow Road. A/C 27 arrived on-scene and reported a three vehicle collision holding all units. One pt. was transported and all hazards were removed. The scene was turned over to the WCSD but not before the accident caused a major traffic back-up in the village of Paramount.

14 May 2011

Gas Leak

At 1639 on Saturday, May 14, 2011 Engine Co. 27 was alerted with Eng. 13 and Squad 13 to the 18800 block of Eliason Way for a possible gas leak.  ET-27 arrived to assist Co. 13 units with locating the source of the leak and metering the area. The source was found to be an old underground gas meter, Duty 13 held E13-1 until the arrival of the gas company.

11 May 2011

Dumpster Fire

At 1005 on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 Engine Co. 27 and HFD Utility 3 were alerted for a dumpster fire. RE27-2 and Lt. 27 arrived to find a working dumpster fire with minor extension to the fence surrounding it. They quickly knocked the fire down and filled the dumpster with water to make sure it was fully extinquished and turned the scene over to the city FM's office.

10 May 2011

Bicycle Accident

At 1920 on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Engine Co. 27, along with CRS, was alerted for a PIC on Leightersburg Pike. Chief 27 arrived on-scene to find a bicyclist struck by a vehicle, with one pt. down in the roadway. RE27-2 arrived to assist with pt. care until the EMS unit arrived.  Support 27-7 handled traffic while the EMS personnel packaged the pt. The pt. was transported to MMC and the roadway was shut-down until the WCSD finished their investigation.  

06 May 2011

A Busy Morning

At 0505 on Friday, May 06, 2011 Quint 27 was alerted for an inside odor in the borough of Greencastle, PA.  Units metered the structure and found nothing, clearing the scene in under 30 minutes.  Meanwhile, seconds after the Quint was dispatched the engine company was alerted for a working code in the 27 district.

05 May 2011

Motorcycle Accident

At 2102 on Thursday, May 05, 2011 Co. 27 was alerted for a PIC in the 12800 block of Cathedral Ave.  Chief 27 arrived to find a pt. walking around in the roadway but no motorcycle.  RE27-2 provided lighting for the EMS crews and WCSD and the pt. was transported.

05 May 2011

Commercial Building Fire

At 0845 on Thursday, May 05, 2011 Co. 27 was alerted for a commercial building fire in the Co 13 area.  An engine and the Quint from Co. 27 responded as D/C 13 arrived onscene with a smoke condition and the fire believed to be out.  Held Co. 13 and Co. 27 units for ventilation, the units cleared under an hour.

27 April 2011

31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins

The evening of Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Quint 27 went to Baskin-Robbins for their annual 31 Cent Scoop Night to honor America's firefighters.  Baskin-Robbins is donating $100,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.  The crew enjoyed a fun packed night of scooping ice cream and giving tours of Quint 27.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the Meadow!!

27 April 2011

1st Due House Fire

At 1334 on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Co. 27 was alerted for a 1st due house fire in the 19100 block of Reidtown Road.  The caller advised they could see fire coming for the neighbors house.  Quint 27 arrived to find normal conditions at the dispatched address, but did find live wires on the road and in the yard.  Crews checked the house for any hazards; finding none command held Co. 27 units and placed the rest of the box in service.

26 April 2011

Water Rescue

At 2058 on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Co. 27 was alerted for a car stuck in the water with occupants still inside in the 20200 block of Trovinger Mill Road.  Quint 27 with Lt. 27 responded very quickly, followed by RE27-2.  75-3 (CRS) and HFD E-3 arrived first but advised they were not able to see any stranded vehicles.  Quint 27, Co. 20 (WC Special Ops), and RE27-2 units came in from the opposite side of Trovinger Mill Road.  Lt. 27 established command upon arrival with a vehicle stranded about 50 yards from the roadway with three occupants still inside.  The crew from Special Ops made their way out to the vehicle and assisted the three occupants back to dry ground.  The three occupants were checked by CRS and released.

26 April 2011

Car into a Building

At 1156 on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 after several test pages from the ECC Co. 27 was alerted for a car into a building at the same address the ECC had been using for the test pages.  Chief 27 arrived on-scene to find a two vehicle accident with one of the vehicles into a house casuing minor structural damage.  A second EMS unit and due Squad were requested.  Crews assisted the EMS units with two patients and the scene was turned over the WCSD.

23 April 2011

It is with great sadness ...

Sad news came for our brothers north in PA at the Rescue Hose Company.  Master Sgt. Benjamin Bitner, age 37 was killed today while serving overseas in Afghanistan.  This was Master Sgt. Bitner's 10th operational deployment.  A memorial service will be held on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 2pm at the Special Events Center, 407 Washington St., Greencastle, PA.

23 April 2011

PIC in the Meadow

At 1958 on Monday, April 23, 2011 Co. 27 was alerted for a PIC at Longmeadow Road and Marsh Pike.  Chief 27 arrived on-scene to find a T-bone collision with all occupants out of the two vehicles.  D/C 27 arrived on-scene and had command.  Identified three patients for transport and a second BLS unit (Fran. A3-8) was requested.  Crews removed hazards and performed traffic control until the cars had been removed.

21 April 2011

1st Due House Fire

At 0235 on Thursday, April 21, 2011 just as ET27 was clearing a transfer to Co. 13 the Meadow was pre-alerted for box 27-5, a house fire in the 19500 block of Lorraine Terrace.  ET27 and Capt. 27 arrived on-scene within a minute after dispatch and found heavy smoke throughout the entire house.  The crew from ET-27 found fire in the furnance room and quickly knocked it down.  Command had units reduce their rate of response as crews search for extension.  Co. 27 and Co. 13 units were held for ventilation.

17 April 2011

House Fire

At 1631 on Sunday, April 17, 2011 Longmeadow was dispatched for a house fire in the 13000 block of Greenfield Ave.  EMS (CRS) arrived on-scene with smoke showing.  Lt. Co. 13 established command and Quint 27 was assigned to throw ladders, ventilation, and disable the utilities as Engine 13 was working on extinguishing the fire in the basement.  The crews had the fire knocked in about 10 minutes and command held Engine 13 and Quint 27 for overhaul.

10 April 2011

Many Thanks to Everyone

Longmeadow would like to thank all the Mutual Aid companies, families, and friends for their endless support during past week with the passing of Chief Engineer Richard Baer.  Our community will surely miss him.  A special thanks to following companies who covered our first due throughout this time: Sharpsburg (Co.1), Leitersburg (Co.9), Halfway (Co.26), Boonsboro (Co.6), and Williamsport (Co.2).

09 April 2011

Fox's Pizza Fundraiser

Longmeadow VFC and Fox's Pizza teamed up for a fundraiser on Saturday, April 09, 2011.  If you ordered a pizza from Fox's Pizza this Saturday you might have had a fire truck show up with your pizza!  The crews had fun delivering the pizza's and at the end of the night Fox's donated 15% of the sales and all the tips made that day. Thank you Fox's for the fun time and the donation!!

04 April 2011

A Day of Sadness

It is with deep regret that the Long Meadow Volunteer Fire Company announces the passing of one of our own, Chief Engineer and Charter Member Richard Baer.  Richard was instrumental in the formation of the LMVFC in 1971 and has been an active member since.  He has held numerous positions with the organization throughout the years and was a past Fire Chief.  Richard was still extremely active with the LMVFC up tii his unexpected passing and he will be sadly missed by all.

The viewing will be held at the Osbourne Funeral Home, 425 South Conococheague Street in Williamsport on Saturday, April 9th from 1800-2100 hours.

The funeral will be held at the Paramount Baptist Church, 13234 Marsh Pike in Paramount on Sunday, April 10th beginning at 1500 hours.  A precession to the burial site will immediately follow the service to the Ringgold area.  After internment, there will be a gathering at the Paramount Brethren in Christ Church at 19106 Longmeadow Road (please note the different locations of the funeral and the gathering).

The family asks that no large fire apparatus be brought to the viewing or funeral - if your organization chooses to send personnel in a company vehicle, please limit it to a chase vehicle.

01 April 2011

FF Sperling Returns

FF Justin Sperling returns home today after graduation from USMC boot camp. 

20 March 2011

House Fire

At 1721 hrs on Sunday, March 20 Engine Co. 27 was alerted as part of the working fire assignment for a house fire in the 1300 block of Outer Drive.  RE27-2 responded with a crew of five and established RIT, later in the incident the 27 crew assisted in over-haul operations.  Crews remained on the scene for about 1 1/2 hrs.

19 March 2011

Spring Money Bonanza

On Saturday, March 19 LMVFC held its annual spring Money Bonanza.  Many people came out for a fun evening with good food and lots of winners!  Thanks to all who helped support this event and to the Hancock Fire Co. for covering our area during the event! 

18 March 2011

Apartment Fire

At 2244 hrs on Friday, March 18 Engine Co. 27 and Quint 27 were alerted to assist HFD with an apartment fire with entrapment.  Srg 27 arrived onscene to find a smoke condition and the distressed occupant.  Srg 27 assisted the subject out of  the apartment and kept the fire in check using a water dish and the faucet until additional units arrived.  Ventilation was set-up and command (HFD B/C 1) held an engine, truck, and the utility.  Co. 27 units returned to service.

17 March 2011

Industrial Accident

At 1441 hrs on Thursday, March 17 Engine Co. 27 was alerted for an industrial accident with entrapment right after clearing an outside fire in the same box area.  Chief 27 arrived and established command and had incoming units stage until they were able to locate the pt.  HFD E-3 & Capt. 31 were already in the quarry and located the pt. on a shelf.  They further advised command that there was no entrapment.  Command held E-3 and Medic 75 for the Pr 1 pt.  Chief 27 remained onscene with law enforcement. 

14 March 2011

PIC with Entrapment

At 2031 hrs on Monday, March 14 just as the monthly membership meeting let out Longmeadow was alerted for a PIC with entrapment.  Units arrived to find a single vehicle off the roadway into a tree with one occupant still in the vehicle.  Chief 27 had command and RE27-2 set up for rescue operations.  Squad 13 was held until the pt. was extricated from the vehicle.  All units cleared the scene within 45 min. 

12 March 2011

PIC - Interstate 81

At 0950 hrs on Saturday, March 12 RE27-2 was alerted with Co. 13 for mutual aid to Fran. County, PA for a PIC at the 12MM of I-81.  Co. 13 units arrived onscene and found the accident to be in Washington Country involving a single vehicle on its side.  Sgt 13 established command while EMS assessed the pt. and determined them to be Pr 4.  RE27-2 assisted in extricating the pt. and then returned to service. 

05 March 2011

House Fire

At 2011 hrs on Saturday, March 05 the Meadow was alerted for a house fire in the 300 block of Fridinger Ave.  HFD units were the first to arrive onscene and reported light smoke showing from the residence.  Upon further investigation there was a small fire in the living room which was quickly extinguished.  HFD held a single Eng and Truck.  Co. 27 units were returned to service.

02 March 2011

Quint First In On The 9 Box

At 1350 hrs on Wednesday, March 02 the Washington County ECC struck Box 9-4 for a reported kitchen fire in the 20700 block of Millers Church Road.  Co. 9 Engine 9-2 reported a column of smoke visible from miles away.  Quint 27 was the first to arrive on scene to find a one-story single family dwelling with a large volume of fire showing from sides A and C and requested the working fire assignment.  The crew from Quint 27 launched an aggressive interior attack and were able to keep the fire from consuming the remainder of the residence.  Engine 9-2 arrived on scene and Deputy Chief 9 established the Millers Church Road command.  ET 27 was the next arriving unit and laid a supply line into Quint 27 for water supply.  RE 27-2 also responded and established a fill site at the hydrant at Longmeadow Road and Leitersburg Pike.  Crews from all companies did an excellent job in working together to keep the fire from destroying all the contents of the house.  HFD Engine 2 was transferred into the 27 house and ran two calls while the 27 units were committed to the fire.

28 February 2011

Special Call to the 26 Box

At 0451 hrs on Monday February 28 Co 27 was alerted for manpower to the fireground on the 26 Box.  Support Unit 27-7 responded with four to the 17400 black of Virginia Ave. to assist with a house fire.  The crew from the Meadow performed extensive overhaul on the old 2-1/2 story dwelling.  Initial crews had their hands full with a basement fire that rain inside the walls to into the second story of the structure.  The Meadow was more than hapy to come out and give whatever it takes to get the job done.

23 February 2011


Less than three minutes after being dispatched for the 27-1 Box at Patrick Road, the Washington County ECC struck Box 27-6 for a reported fire at the NMS Nursing Home on Marsh Pike.  Special Ops Chief 20 arrived on scene and found a small fire that was out on arrival with no FD services needed.  Units were cleared to be able to respond to the 27-1 Box on Patrick Road.

23 February 2011

Another House Fire with Rescue

Less than 24 hours after the last house fire, the Meadow was dispatched for a house fire with entrapment.  At 0726 hrs on Wednesday, February 23 Co. 27 was dispatched for 27-1 Box in the 11800 block of Patrick Road.  CRS, Hagerstown Engine 3 and Utility 3 were the first to arrive on scene of the two-story family dwelling with a working fire on the second floor.  Crews from HFD located the victim on the first floor and removed them from the building.  The patient was transport by CRS for smoke inhalation.  Crews from HFD then made an aggressive attack on the fire and were able to keep it mostly contained to the room of origin.  Capt. 27 arrived on scene and established Patrick Road command.  Crews remained on scene for extensive overhaul, as the fire had spread into the wood-frame walls, and to assist the Maryland State Fire Marshal.

22 February 2011

House Fire with Rescue

At 1016 hrs on Tuesday, February 22, Washington County ECC struck out Box 27-3 for a house fire with entrapment in the 12800 block of The Terrace.  Quint 27, Hagerstown Engine 3 and Utility 3 all arrived at the same time with a confirmed entrapment in the basement of a one-story single family dwelling.  The crew from Quint 27 and Utility 3 entered the  basement and were able ti rapidly remove the victim and worked the code with CRS.  Chief 27 established The Terrace command and requested a working fire assignment.  Co. 13 Engine 13-2 arrived on scene and picked up water supply for Engine 3, while RE 27-2 arrived and established a secondary water supply.  Crews encounted heavy fire spreading from the basement into the kitechen through the interior stairwell.  The interior crews were able to advance the hoseline down the stairs to get a knock on the fire.  Crews remained on scene for several hours performing overhaul and assisting the Maryland State Fire Marshal.  Despite the best efforts of all companies involved in the rescue and working the code, the victim passed away the next day - our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

19 February 2011

Annual Awards Banquet

Co 27 We celebrated our Annual Awards & Recognition Banquet on Saturday, February 19th at the Knights of Columbus on Leitersburg Pike.  There was an excellent turnout of the membership to this wonderful event - great job by the 2010 Banquet Committee!!  Special thanks to the Clear Spring Fire Company for running our Rescue Engine and the West End Fire Company from Shippensburgh for running Quint 27.  The transfer crews didn't get shut-out and handled a kitchen fire reported out on Marigold Drive.

The following awards were given out:

John J. Roche Award - Diana Mayhue

Firefighter of the Year Award - Scott Ricker

Chief's Award - Jack Latimer

Leadership Award - Justin Mayhue

Top Responder Award - Nick Bonhage

Top Training Award - Sergeant Gary Martin

Also, two special awards were given out to Mike Eck and James Nicol not only for serving the LMVFC, but for this great nation last year on deployment with the military.

19 February 2011

Mutual Aid to Paw Paw, WV

The 19th of February began with ET27-1 sitting on a transfer at Station 10 and got more interesting 20 minutes after midnight.  Brush 27 was alerted with multiple Washington County companies to Morgan County, WV just east of Paw Paw for a woods fire.  The Brush unit responded immediately with the Chief, Deputy Chief, and FF Karsin.  After a 50 minute response, Brush 27 arrived on scene and was immediately put to work.  After all was said and done, the crew was on scene about 3 hours and handled four loads of water and put lots of work into the fire.  Brush 27 finally returned to the station at 0530 hrs.


18 February 2011

Seven Calls in the Meadow

The 18th of February began shortly after 0800 hrs with an alarm activation with Engine 3 on Pangborn Blvd.  At 0900 hrs a medic assist was handled in Fountainhead followed by another at 1115 hrs.  At 1220 hrs, Quint 27 responded on the task force assignment with Co 7 and Co 9 for a smoke investigation on Ringgold Pike.  Nothing was found and the Quint was cleared by Deputy Chief 9.  There was a slight break in the action until 2030 hrs when another alarm activation was alerted with Engine 3 on Cheryl Drive, which ended up being burnt toast.  At 2330 hrs, Co 27 was dispatched on a working fire assignment on Grouse Lane in Funkstown.  ET27-1 responded with six under the direction of the Assistant Chief.  Before arriving on-scene, they were redirected to transfer to Station 10.

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